Dependent Visa Services

As a foreign national living in the UAE on a residence visa, you are allowed to bring your dependents to the Emirates with you. For that, you must sponsor the dependent visa for your family members. You can sponsor your parents, spouse, sons (below 25 years of age), and daughters (unmarried).

Since 2019, dependent visa services in the UAE have been easier to get. The UAE government did away with the requirements for working in specific industries in order to get a dependent visa in Dubai. But there are still certain procedures to follow as per UAE government rules and regulations to sponsor dependent visas.

Pro Services in Dubai will handle processing dependent visas in the UAE in a fast and easy way. Our team of competent business experts will guide you on filling out and filing the forms and also give you timely updates about the visa application process. We have an established network of connections within the visa departments of the UAE government, and due to that, we can solve the dependent visa problems timely and without any delay.

The fact that you selected our PRO services for processing your dependent visas within Dubai implies that you are certain of our 10+ years of experience and 100% proven track record. We know the worth of family, and we treat each application as heart-stirring work. We will ensure all the family visa applications are submitted without any delays to ensure they meet all legal requirements. This is because our team is knowledgeable about the latest UAE visa requirements and rules.

We make your visa process more accessible by dealing with the complex documentations and with government departments. Our approach is detailed orientated and addressing your individual circumstances, to ensure that your family members will follow you to the UAE with minimized hassle. We’re dedicated to making the procedure as simple and stress-free as achievable later you can plan the future of your family in Dubai with peace of mind.
Enjoy quick and hassle-free immigration Pro services at the best prices in UAE!

Why Clients Choose Us for Dependent Visa Services

  1. All relevant expertise and 10 years of experience working within the Dubai visa sector.
  2. An individualized review of every visa application.
  3. Fast processing and timely updates within the process of visa application.
  4. The close relationships with visa departments of the UAE government.
  5. High rates of visa approval are successful.
  6. Specialized assistance in overcoming any complex difficulties during the application process.

Take the opportunity and let us assist you in bringing together your family in Dubai speedily and effortlessly.

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