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Spouse, And Children In The Emirates

As a foreign national living in the UAE on a residence visa, you are allowed to bring your dependents to the Emirates with you. For that, you must sponsor the dependent visa for your family members. You can sponsor your parents, spouse, sons (below 25 years of age), and daughters (unmarried).

Since 2019, dependent visa services UAE have been easier to get done. The UAE government did away with the requirements for working in specific industries in order to get a dependent visa in Dubai. But there are still certain procedures to follow as per the UAE government rules and regulations to sponsor dependent visas.

Process dependent visas in UAE fast & efficiently with Pro Services in Dubai. Our team of expert business consultants will assist you in filling and submitting the forms and provide timely updates about the visa progress. Our extensive network within various visa departments of the UAE government can help resolve any dependent visa issues quickly without any delays.

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Extended Age Limit

Expatriates can now sponsor children up to the age of 25 years (earlier 18 years).

No Age Restrictions

No age limit on how much long UAE residents can sponsor the UAE residency of their daughters.

Long-Term Residency

All the dependents of the dependent visa sponsor are granted a residency permit, regardless of age.

Education Benefits

With the dependent visa, children can study in selected UAE schools and higher educational institutions.

Easy Eligibility Criterion

Only the income of the UAE sponsor is considered while granting the dependent visa.

Chance To Work

Dependent visa holders can work in the UAE public sector or a private company.

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