Employment Visa

Every year, tens of thousands of foreign country employees join the workforce in the Emirates due to the country’s favorable working conditions. But for an expat individual to be able to reside and legally work in the country, they will need an employment visa.

The employer must be the sponsor of the employee’s Dubai work visa. The employer can be a company from the UAE mainland or from any one of the Free Zone jurisdictions or from a UAE government entity. But as an employer, you don’t have to deal with the hardships of global workforce expansion all alone.

PRO Services in Dubai is your destination for getting employment visa in Dubai done without any hassles. We provide work visa services in Dubai for companies that want to recruit international talent to fill their vacancies. We will help you by taking over the process of submitting the necessary visa documents to the legal authorities and getting approvals on time.

Why Choose PRO Services in Dubai

PRO Services in Dubai knows the details and subtleties which are required to get employment visas in this ever-changing market. We have more than 10+ years’ experience in facilitating both mainland, free zone and government related businesses obtaining employment visa processing in Dubai. Efficiency and accuracy are guaranteed when our well trained experts manage the your applications to minimize delays and alignment with UAE immigration laws.

We take pride in our full-service offerings, which are carefully developed to help reallocate your resources for your business growth. We take care of every aspect from the submission of documents to communication with legal authorities, and always deal with them diligently and carefully. Our process is transparent and client-specific, allowing the smooth onboarding of international workers in your team.

Here are the key benefits of using our services:
  1. Handling visa applications and renewals professionally.
  2. Fair partnership with local immigration offices to simplify the proceedings.
  3. Commitment to assist both employers and employees at each stage of their visa application.
  4. Specific solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your enterprise.
  5. Proven track record of meeting deadlines.
  6. Dedication to hassle-free service and client satisfaction.

1. Get in touch with our customer support team.

2. Share with us your PRO service needs and requirements

3. Submit the requisite documents and details to our Pro team

4. Our experts will complete the documentation work and submit it to designated Government authorities

5. We will collect the approved PRO documents and submit it to you safely

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