Immigration Services

It is vital for each expat employer and employee in the UAE to comply with the requirements of the labour department. Issuance of visa is not the end of the legal work for an immigrant. There are a host of other immigration services rules and guidelines related to labour and immigration departments that are required to be addressed and compiled with.

For an outsider, it can be quite difficult to deal with the labour department of the Emirate, as each department has its self-designed procedure. Foregin nationals may also find it difficult to deal with the labour departments where they are predominantly staffed with Arabic speakers.

To solve this tedious step, Pro Services In Dubai offers expert labour and immigration services to cater to your needs relating to labour and immigration compliances. Our expert business consultants are well-versed with the rules and procedures of the labour departments of all Emirates. Our network at different labour departments enables our Pro experts to carry out each immigration task in a timely and streamlined manner.

How Our PRO Services Can Smooth Your Path

Confronting the international immigration, work, and labor laws in the UAE may be a challenging experience for “expats.” While the way could be complex with extreme laws and language barriers. However, PRO services in Dubai also tend to have an excellent track record of local knowledge for over a decade. Our highly skilled staff has honed their expertise in the legal immigration of Dubai to guide you in making these rather intimidating waters serene and easy.

Through our PRO service offering, you will not just receive support but also a strategic partner. We function as a liaison center between you and the Departments of Labor, contributing to the prevention of record complications and their timely submission. Academic experts are your frontline supporters, able to stop every problem in its tracks thanks to a problem-solving mindset that ensures you are relaxed every step of the way.

Advantages of using our immigration services:

  1. Deep understanding of UAE labor and immigration regulations.
  2. Simplified communication with Arabic-speaking departments.
  3. A track record of successful immigration case handling.
  4. Expedited document processing and compliance checks.
  5. Network interconnections of labor departments for efficient and smoother operations.
  6. Growing attention to smooth and fast immigration service provision.

We will deal with all immigration requirements for you so that your attention is not distracted by the procedural aspects but is always geared toward you living and working in Dubai.

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