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Dubai Visa Cancellation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding the Need for Dubai Visa Cancellation

It is vital for those who want to move their house within the country or outside of the country, or in the case of a job change within Dubai or a change of residency within Dubai, to be aware of the normal process of dubai visa cancellation. We understand that not many people are aware of this procedure, so in this post, we will explain each step in detail to make you feel comfortable handling it.

What is Dubai Visa Cancellation?

Dubai visa cancellation refers to a legitimate process under which one resigns a valid visa permit issued by the Uae authorities. This is required by those who want to exit the nation, relocate to another country, or transfer to another UAE visa

Steps to Cancel Your Dubai Visa

Initiating the UAE Visa Cancellation Process

First and foremost, the cancellation of your Dubai visa must be done through your sponsor, as this can be an employer or relative who has a visa status. You need to keep in touch with your sponsor, as they are key throughout this process.

Understanding the UAE Residence Visa Cancellation

Here are the steps for visa cancellation for the UAE residence visa: A request for the cancellation of your visa will be raised by the sponsor through the GDRFA-Dubai. This step is followed with care to avoid violating set laws for the company.

Navigating Through Work Permit and Visa Processes

Cancelling Work Permit UAE

If you have a work permit card, he or she is required to cancel that with the residence visa. This is important as it determines citizenship or legal status in the UAE. One should also remember that during the UAE Visa Cancellation Process, one of the important steps should be the ready-to-leave application and settlement of end-of-service benefits and getting your dues settled by the employer.

UAE Visa Cancellation Costs

Depending on the UAE Visa Cancellation Company a customer is using, the cost can range from AED 2000 to AED 500 for fees. It is common sense that the sponsor shall or must pay for these expenses.

Final Steps in the Dubai Visa Cancellation Process

UAE Visa Cancellation Requirements

In order to cancel your visa, some of the documents that you are required to submit are the original passport, the visa cancellation form filled out by your sponsor, and the Emirates ID card. All these are submitted to the right immigration office.

Special Considerations

Dubai Visa Cancellation Status for Dependent Family Members

Pay attention to the fact to the fact that if you have family members under your visa, you must plan their cancellations in parallel, thus keeping them out of legal trouble

How to Check Your Dubai Visa Cancellation Status

Then, after ensuring that the right documents have been filed, you can know the progress of the cancellation of your visa through the GDRFA portal. It is necessary to carry out the final check to ensure that all processes have been fulfilled successfully.


The cancellation of Dubai visas is not too difficult and is performed according to a specific procedure. Moreover, with the cooperation of your sponsor, it is possible to avoid potential mistakes and properly prepare for the switch to the new position. Another implication of the new visa types introduced in the UAE is leaving your country of residence or changing your visa depending on your needs.
If anyone wants to get professional help or consultancy for visas and immigration, they must contact Pro Services in Dubai. We are here to assist you in manoeuvring through various official systems that you may need to deal with in order to settle in as smoothly as possible.


Normally the visa cancellation procedure will take just one week but the documents that are to be submitted should be correctly done.
Yes, once your visa is cancelled, you generally have 30 days to exit the UAE, unless otherwise advised.
Having a visa that is not cancelled by the deportee can attract legal ramifications such as fines or exclusion from reentering the UAE.
It is possible but under strict conditions and certain scenarios and through a somewhat complicated process.
Your sponsor carries out the process; however, service providers such as those who deal with Pro Services Dubai, can facilitate and coordinate the process.

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