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Open an Escrow Account in Dubai: Step-by-Step Guide

The market for the real estate sector in Dubai is relatively active amongst other global markets that have attracted investors. To curtail fraud in the real estate business and make the market open to all the customers and investors the government of UAE brought into power some provisions such as escrow accounts. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with all the information you require on opening an escrow account in Dubai:

The Law Behind Escrow Accounts:

Every type of business has a legal framework that governs its operations and escrow is no exception. Generally, an Escrow Account refers to a special account where a buyer pays a seller and instructs a third party to release the payment to the seller only upon compliance with certain conditions.

Escrow means that a payment is controlled by a neutral third party, mostly a bank, in relation to some conditions of a certain transaction between two parties. This makes certain that the funds will only be disbursed in the instance that all the conditions had been fulfilled by either party hence security in lieu of both parties involved.

Reasons Why Escrow Accounts are Essential in Real Estate:

It is significant for practicing buying or selling the property in UAE especially in Dubai, the escrow account in real estate plays a key role. They serve several purposes:

● Protection for Buyers:

Sees to it that the money is properly lodged and only paid out when they are receiving the property.

● Protection for Sellers/Developers:

That means that they get paid after delivering their part of the bargain based on the agreed upon conditions.

● Regulatory Compliance:

OFFERS compliance with the area’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) rules, therefore improving market transparency and investor confidence.

● Legal Framework:

The following is a legal instrument that regulates the escrow accounts in the real estate market of Dubai and was created by the RERA under the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

Procedures in the Opening of an Escrow Account in Dubai:

1. Choose a Registered Developer:

Be certain that, before you contemplate opening an escrow account, you are engaging a developer who is listed on the RERA. This registration is important since failure to do so will make it difficult to open an escrow account.

2. Choose a bank of your preference from the list of banks approved to act as escrow banks:

Other changes include a list of banks with the approval of escrow account law in UAE to handle escrow accounts according to RERA. Thus, it is crucial to choose the bank among the ones mentioned above to meet necessary regulatory conditions. Some of the prominent banks include:Some of the prominent banks include:

● Emirates NBD
● Dubai Islamic Bank
● As at the date of this report, the third largest chartered bank in Abu Dhabi is the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB).
● Mashreq Bank

3. Submit Required Documentation:

The following documents are typically required to open an escrow account:

● Developer’s Trade License:

The developer is required to provide legal documents that will authenticate his/her permit to develop the concerned land.

● RERA Registration Certificate:

The receipt from the developer confirming that he or she has complied with the provisions of the RERA Act.

● Project Details:

All the details in regards to the real estate project, such as the plan, schedule, and the prospects in terms of cost.

● Bank Guarantee:

An assurance from the developer to the bank accepting to use the funds as stipulated without deviation.

4. Sign the Escrow Agreement:

An escrow agreement is another formal agreement that both the developer and the bank will enter into that outlines the particulars of the business escrow account. This agreement will distinguish between a condition under which the money will be paid out and when it will be paid out.

5. How to Open the Escrow Account in Dubai :

After all offshore documents have been compiled and endorsed by the pertinent authorities, the bank shall open an escrow account.

6. Regular Audits and Compliance:

The bank, together with the RERA, will periodically check on the escrow account to ensure that both the company and itself have not violated any of the terms. It involves ensuring that each dollar that needs to be spent on project development is being spent correctly.

Key Considerations and Benefits:

1. Transparency and Trust;

The creation of an escrow account is beneficial to buyers so that they will be confident that their payment will not go to waste since it will only be released to the seller for the purpose of fulfilling the agreed-upon conditions. This transparency is very useful especially when working in the market as competitive and fast-growing as the market in Dubai.

2. Legal Protection:

It also wants to point out that both – buyers and developers – are legally protected. Purchasers are confident that their money is not at risk because fund release terms are established and follow a legal schedule as a third party while developers have no risk of future disputes.


Opening an escrow account in Dubai is a vital step for anyone whether you are a developer looking to open an escrow account or a buyer seeking then in this regard the protection measures in this regard are very important like place, the legal requirements and processes involved. We at pro services in Dubai provide professional expertise to aspiring real estate owners to open an escrow account with easy and seamless process.

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