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Understanding the Requirements for a Maid Visa in Dubai

A Detailed guide about getting a Maid Visa in Dubai: Requirements, Costs, and Application Process

A foreign domestic worker is known as a maid, and they must meet certain criteria to obtain a visa for Dubai. Finally, Dubai holds a lucrative position as an international city which has absorbed a lot of immigrant employees most of whom hire maids to help with the house chores. It is critical to note that the process of acquiring a maid visa in Dubai is surrounded by some prerequisites and certain legal procedures that must be followed. Here is what you need to know about maid visas for Dubai including the need for the visa, costs of maid visa in Dubai for processing, how to apply for the visa as well as sponsorship and cancellation of the same. In order to be granted there are certain requirements for a maid Visa in Dubai that one must meet.

To sponsor a maid Visa in Dubai, certain criteria must be met:

Sponsor’s Eligibility:

The sponsor, a qualified individual, must be ordinarily resident in Dubai. The sponsor should earn at least AED 6,000 on a monthly basis and AED 5,000 if has to provide accommodation to the employee.

In availing the services of the maid, only the heads of families are expected to be the ones to sponsor one. In general, bachelors may not legally employ a maid, which means that they may not be allowed to sponsor one.

Maid’s Eligibility:

• The maid applicant must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for the job.
• The age of the maid should not be above 58 years old.
• The maid must be a foreigner from a country recognized by the UAE government

Required Documents:

• Completed application form.
• I photocopy the original passports of both the sponsor and the maid.
• The sponsor’s photographs and the maid’s photographs.
• Employment contract or salary certificate of an official of the Sponsor company.
• Sponsor’s proof of living in Dubai (Provide the copy of tenancy contract).
• Maid’s medical fitness certificate which should be from any government approved clinic or hospital.

Medical Fitness Test:

The costs range from AED 325 to AED 500 depending on the type of test to be conducted and the equipment to be used.

Emirates ID:

The charge will be AED 390 and the package will cover all treatments needed for one year.

Health Insurance:

Is approximately AED 700 per year to join the system and become accredited members.

Visa Stamping:

AED 5,500 .

How to Apply for maid visa in Dubai as Entry Permit:

In order to obtain this you will need to submit an entry permit application to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA). The application process involves several steps:

Entry Permit Application:

• The entry permit application may be filled and submitted either through the GDRFA e-service or from an Amer Center.
• Pay the application fees.

Maid’s Arrival:

After getting the entry permit, forward it to the maid as a way of enabling her to get an entry into Dubai.

Post-Arrival Procedures:

• Go through a medical fitness test at an authorized health center.
• Each foreigner shall apply for the Emirates ID card.
• However, I would need to complete the visa stamping process at the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs).

Ways to Cope with Stressful Situations in Dubai Procedures of Cancellation of Maid Visa

How to cancel a maid visa in Dubai, follow these steps:

• Prepare Documentation:

Get a photocopy of the maid’s passport, labor card, and Emirates ID.

• Submit Cancellation Request:

The cancellation request can be done online or at an Amer center.

• Settle Dues:

Payroll guarantees that every employee, especially the existing ones, has his/her dues like unpaid salary and end-of -service benefits paid before leaving the company.

Return Ticket:

Ensure that the maid is provided with a ticket that will take her back to her country of origin.

Final Exit:

Upon cancellation of the contract, it is important also to ensure that the maid leaves the country within the agreed period. The cost for obtaining and maintaining a maid visa in Dubai can vary, but typically includes:

Initial Fees:

It cost around AED 8,000 to AED 10,000 for the first year of homeschooling.

Renewal Fees:

The cost of electricity for an average household is close to 5000 AED per year.


Procurement of a maid visa in Dubai is guided by some legal and financial legalities put in place. It is a series of procedures; the applicant gets an entry permit, visa stamps, and insures his or her health. The cost may be high, and the sponsor bears the responsibility of ensuring that the necessary legal proceedings and expenses are in place. By knowing these requirements from the pro services in Dubai the sponsor will be able to manage the process for hiring the maid without any complications while at the same time securing the worker’s legal rights that will enable them to have a healthy employer-worker relationship in Dubai.

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