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PRO Services in Dubai for Entrepreneurs and Employees

Whether you are planning to work in Dubai or planning to start your business, you need to go through a lengthy process of documentation and attestations. Let this not discourage you from following your dreams; we will see you through the entire process and make it easy for you. PRO Services in Dubai is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of PRO services to all our clients in the UAE. We provide customized service that addresses all your work requirements. The most important of all is the PRO visa service. PRO Services in Dubai will take care of all your visa services 

Professional Golden Visa services

If you are planning to move to Dubai for a long period of time, you need hassle-free, time-saving visa services and professionals at your disposal. PRO Services in Dubai is the best Pro company in Dubai. We ensure a smooth immigration process. With clear and concise case management strategies, we guarantee meeting our clients’ deadlines.

Our consultants will help you through the process of obtaining a Golden Visa in Dubai. We will help you choose the right Golden Visa, prepare all of your necessary documentation, and avoid mistakes. Our Golden Visa services will help you kick-start your new life in Dubai and across the UAE by providing efficient and fast services.

Residence Visa in Dubai

Get a UAE residence visa to live in the Emirates legally for an extended period of time. The residence visa in Dubai is valid for 2-3 or even 10 years and can be renewed as many times as you want. 

Get the UAE residency visa for you, your employees, and your family members with our Pro experts. We do the entire visa paperwork and approval process for you so that you can plan your move to Dubai stress-free.

Employment Visa in Dubai for all your employees

For an individual to be able to reside and legally work in the country, they will need an employment visa.

The employer must sponsor the employee’s Dubai work visa. The employer can be a company from the UAE mainland, the Free Zone jurisdictions, or a government entity in the UAE. But as an employer, you don’t have to struggle to get a visa for your employees. We provide the best PRO services in Dubai

PRO Services in Dubai provides work visa services for companies that want to recruit international talent to fill their vacancies. We will help you by taking over the process of submitting the necessary visa documents to the legal authorities and getting approvals on time.

Dependent Visa Services

As a foreign national living in the UAE on a residence visa, you are allowed to bring your dependents to the Emirates with you. For that, you must sponsor the dependent visa for your family members. You can sponsor your parents, spouse, sons (below 25 years of age), and daughters (unmarried).

Process dependent visas in UAE fast & efficiently with Pro Services in Dubai. Our team of expert business consultants will assist you in filling and submitting the forms and provide timely updates about the visa progress.

Investor Visa

Expatriates investing or starting a business in the UAE mainland or the free zones can apply for an investor visa in Dubai. At Pro Services in Dubai, we are very well aware of the procedures and the documents needed to get your investor visa from the government offices in the UAE. We will help you at each step of the visa application process and get the process done in the shortest time.

PRO Services in Dubai will help in every step of the visa application process and get the process done in the shortest time. Call us at   +971 4 5777 890, WhatsApp at +971 4 577 7890,  mail us at 

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