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Apply For a Hassle-Free Residence Visa in Dubai

If you are planning to move to Dubai for business, studies, or any other purpose, you need to have a Residence Visa. A UAE residence visa allows you to live in the UAE legally for a long period of time. The residence visa in Dubai is normally valid for as many as 2,3, or 10 years and can be renewed as and when required.
PRO Services in Dubai will help you get a residence visa in UAE for you, your employees, and your family members. We take care of the entire visa paperwork and approval process for you, and you can plan your move to Dubai in a stress-free way.

Benefits of Residence Visa in Dubai

The advantages of holding a residence visa

  • You can open a bank account if you have a residence visa.
  • It will help you apply for a loan
  • You can get your driver’s license
  • Your children can attend private or government schools
  • You will have access to government services and health insurance

Who Can Apply For A Residence Visa In Dubai ?

  • Foreigners who are employed in the UAE and obtained a work permit can apply for a UAE Work Visa
  • If you are planning to get your family to stay in the UAE, you can apply for a UAE family visa
  • Foreign nationals who have been admitted into a UAE educational institution can apply for a UAE student visa
  • Foreign nationals who want to invest in Dubai. The UAE Investment Visa is a type of visa that is issued for a longer duration compared to a residence visa.
  • Elderly foreigners who want to retire in the UAE and have the necessary financial means to do so by applying for UAE Retirement Visa
  • Freelancers who want to work remotely can apply for Digital Nomad in Dubai.

To Apply For The Residence Visa In Dubai

  • PRO services in Dubai will first help you acquire your entry permit, you will have to go through the medical test and Emirates ID application.
  • We then submit your original documents along with the passport to the Immigration Department.
  • We help you get your visa approved and stamped on time. with the help of our strong connections and expertise.
  • Our business consultants will guide you through the process of obtaining a Family Residence Visa in the UAE. We will help you choose the right Residence Visa Dubai, prepare all of your necessary documentation, and avoid any mistakes. Our Residence Visa services will help you kick-start your new life in Dubai and across the UAE by providing efficient, fast, and affordable Residence services.

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