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The Best Way to Get an Employment Visa in Dubai

Due to its better working conditions, many people from different countries come to Dubai to work and make a living. For a person to stay legally or work in the country, they need an employment visa in Dubai. This visa serves as an essential document facilitating lawful employment and residence within the Emirate

The employer must sponsor you for your work visa in Dubai; as an employer, you don’t have to go through the hassles of processing a visa for your employees all by yourself, whether your company is located in Mainland, Dubai or in any of the free zone in the UAE, PRO Services in Dubai will help you process the employment visa in Dubai for your employees.

PRO Services in Dubai provides employment visa services Dubai, for employers that are planning to employ an international workforce to work in their company; we assist you by taking over the process of submitting the required documents to the concerned legal authorities and ensuring that you get your visa approvals done on time.

List Of Documents Required To Apply For An Employment Visa In Dubai

The following is the list of documents required to be submitted by the company to apply for an employment visa.

  • Firstly, you need an entry permit visa, which is normally called a tourist Visa, visit visa, or transit visa.
  • You need an Emirates ID Card issued by the government of UAE to the residents of the UAE
  • Residency permit
  • Photographs
  • passport of the applicant that is valid for at least six months
  • three copies of the employment contract
  • educational documents of professional qualifications
  • Trade license of the sponsoring company

Time Required To Process The Dubai Work Visa

It usually takes around ten days to process your work visa. The Ministry of Labor does the checking to see if there are any locals who are available to do the required job. If no locals are available for the job in question, then the approval is given.

If you are planning to move to Dubai for a long period of time, you need hassle-free, time-saving visa services, a Dubai work permit, and professionals at your disposal. PRO Services in Dubai is the one-stop solution for all your applications and document processing in Dubai, we assist you to have a smooth immigration process. With clear and focused case management strategies, we guarantee meeting your deadlines.

Our expert business consultants will assist you in processing your work visa in Dubai. We will help you process all the required documents and avoid any loopholes or mistakes. Our Visa services will help you start your business expansion in Dubai and across the UAE by providing efficient and fast services.

PRO Services in Dubai will help with every step of the visa application process. We promise to deliver the best PRO service in the shortest time.Call us at +971 4 5777 890.

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