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Golden Visa UAE and expert PRO Services in Dubai

Dubai is the dream place for investors and professionals from around the world. The aim of UAE’s Golden Visa UAE program is basically the country’s commitment to give a way to businesses for growth and sustainability in the business environment and attracting high-net-worth individuals. The basic reason behind this program is the Bank Deposit Investors Golden Visa UAE, which offers a 10-year residency to those who make a significant financial commitment to the UAE. This article will cover all the important key points which are necessary for obtaining the Golden Visa through a bank deposit investment, with a focus on the PRO services in Dubai that facilitate the process.

Understanding the Golden Visa Requirements

To become eligible for the Bank Deposit Investors Golden Visa UAE a person must meet specific criteria set by the government which involves a fixed deposit of at least 2 million dirhams in a local UAE bank. This deposit must be maintained for at least two years. The bank where the deposit process is finished must issue an official letter for the confirmation of deposit detail’s mention the amount, duration, and the applicant’s name and passport details. This letter should be hundred percent authentic with the stamp of the issuing bank.

Fees and Services Included

The total cost of a Golden Visa application is approximately 4950 AED, which covers various services essential for securing the visa:
● First Application and Pre-Approval: In this step, verify the applicant’s eligibility and prepare their documents for submission.
● VIP Medical Fitness Application and Test: In this step, checking the applicant’s health is very important to ensure that their health meets the health standards required for residency.
● Golden Visa eResidency for 10 Years: Permission of the 10-year residency permit to the applicants.
● Emirates ID for 10 Years: Issuance of Emirate ID acts as an official identification document in the UAE.

Step-by-Step Process for Bank Deposit Investors Golden Visa UAE:

The process of getting the Golden Visa with the bank deposit investment involves some crucial steps and each step is designed to ensure that the applicant meets all the requirements by ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible.

1. Verify Eligibility:

In the first step, getting the verification of the applicant’s eligibility for the Golden Visa is involved. Prospective applicants should search for a professional and well-experienced team that specializes in PRO services as well as ensure they meet all the criteria efficiently. This initial consultation with proper research helps to streamline the process and prepares the applicant for the subsequent steps smoothly.

2. Prepare Relevant Documents:

After the eligibility of confirmation, the next step is to gather and prepare all necessary documents such as the bank letter confirming the fixed deposit, identification documents such as the applicant’s passport, and any other required paperwork as it is crucial for a successful application. Professional assistance is very important to avoid any errors or omissions.

3. Submit the Application:

With all prepared documents the applicant can then submit their application in which they fill out the necessary forms and submit them along with the prepared documents to the relevant authorities. PRO services in Dubai can facilitate this process and ensure that your paperwork will be completed smoothly and submitted on time.

4. Obtain Pre-Approval:

In this step to obtain pre-approval from the relevant authority is involved which confirms that the applicant meets the initial criteria and can successfully complete their remaining steps of the process. In the pre-Approval process we typically do a review of the submitted documents and may require additional information or clarification if needed.

5. Proceed with Medical Fitness Test:

A VIP medical fitness test is the most important requirement for the Golden Visa which ensures that the applicant is in good health and he/she has not suffered from any of the contagious diseases. This medical fitness test is conducted at approved medical centers and its result is mentioned in the visa application process.

6. Obtain Final Approval:

After a medical approval test the applicant must obtain final approval for the Golden Visa in which thorough overview of all submitted documents and test results by the relevant authorities are involved. After the successful approval a 10-year residency permit is guaranteed to the applicant.

7. Get the 10 Years Emirates ID:

Final step is to get the Emirates ID whose validity is for 10 years. The Emirates ID serves as the official identification and is important for some legal and administrative purposes. Successfully issuance of Emirates ID shows the completion of the Golden Visa UAE application process.

8. Timeline:

The whole process to get the Bank Deposit Investors Golden Visa takes at least 7 to 10 working days and it is a significant advantage for investors willing to set up their residency status in the UAE market.


The Bank Deposit Investors Golden Visa UAE offers a luxurious opportunity for investors looking for a long-term residency in the UAE and want to secure a 10-year residency permit with various exclusive perks and benefits that come with it. PRO services In Dubai and company formation in Dubai play a crucial role in facilitating this process ensuring that all requirements are met efficiently with professional assistance. So why wait? Start your golden visa process journey today with us!


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