You are currently viewing Handbook for the Property Investor Golden Visa with PRO Services in Dubai

Handbook for the Property Investor Golden Visa with PRO Services in Dubai

Your Complete handbook on the UAE Golden Visa for the Property Investors

The Property Investor Golden Visa provides long-term residency to those who live in the Emirates, or wishing to come to it to live, work, invest and study without the need for a host, while enjoying Dubai’s bustling city exclusive benefits. Real Estate investors has the great opportunity to get advantage of the UAE Golden Visa Residency.

The Golden visa Residency Program started by the UAE government aiming to provide long-term residency permissions to foreign investors to give opportunity to them to reside in the country without the need for a guarantor or visit visa or sponsorship within the country. PRO services in Dubai provides help to the investors to get property Golden visa without any hassle.

Golden Visa for Property: 10-Year Residency & Exclusive Benefits

  • 6-month multiple entry visa to fulfill the process of golden residency procedures.
  • Property investor golden residency visa for 10 years
  • A golden visa holders can stay outside the UAE up to 12 months.
  • There is no need for a guarantors or sponsors while living in the country.
  • It allows the issuance of residence permits for foreigner’s family, children’s and sponsors.
  • No limit on the number of Domestic workers who can be recruited.
  • Family members can stay in the country till residency time period.
  • Family members can obtain a 10 years Golden visa as well.
  • The Family members can stay outside the Country up to 12 months.
  • Golden Visa Propert Investors can obtain the local bank account in UAE.

Real Estate Investors Golden Visa eligibility:

If you own a property or a group of properties, you may obtain a property investor golden visa for a period of 10 years depending upon the value of the property, renewable under the same conditions and without the need for a guarantor, after meeting the following requirements:

  • Bring a letter from the Real Estate Registration Authority RERA in the relevant emirate by telling them he ownes the property more then 2 million or he has two properties or more at a time whose value is more than 2 million dirhams and his properties are not subject to a loan.
  • If the property is mortgage it should be be paid at least of 1 million AED and no objection letter from the relevant bank to issue the Golden Visa.
  • In case if the property is off plan and still under construction, you can obtain the UAE Golden Visa but for this case you need to get the letter from the developers stating that you paid more then 1 million AED and they have no objection to obtain the Golden Visa.
  • For the off plan property investors must get Oqood (purchased agreement issued by the Government) to apply for the Golden Visa Servcies.

Property investor Golden Visa Cost

In order to obtain the Property Golden Visa, the applicant should pay cost of approx 9950/- AED to the Government. This cost will cover the below processes.

  • Pre-Approval from the Government
  • Medical Fitness Test VIP
  • eResidency for 10 years
  • Emirates ID for 10 years

Property Investors Golden Visa step by step process

  • Verify your eligibility for Golden Visa, you can contact us
  • Prepare the relevant documents
  • Applicant has to submit the application
  • Obtain the pre approval from the relevant authority
  • Proceed with the medical fitness test
  • Obtain the final approval of the 10 years Golden Visa eResidency
  • Get the 10 Years Emirates ID

You can contact us for free consultation and process behalf of you 10 Years Golden Visa Residency.


It’s depending upon the requirements you may fulfill but once all the requirements are fulfilled then it takes 12 to 15 working days. And you have to be inside the UAE for the pre approvals. We can take your documents approval and save your time to stay inside the UAE. So when you are planning to obtain the travel for the Golden Visa Residency, you must consider that you need to be inside the country for atleast 12 to 15 working days. We can save your bit of time if you start your process before landing to the Country.

PRO Services in Dubai for property Investor Golden Visa “One StopTouch”

The guidelines for the “One Stop Touch” Property Golden visa PRO Services in Dubai launched to make it easier for customers to easily submit and obtain property Golden visa application, saving their time and effort. The complete services for the Golden investment visa aims to reduce distances and unify them through integrated packages to complete the application to nominate for Golden property investor, issue a visa, regularize the situation, and issue investment property and identity cards with the possibility of obtaining a family members Golden visas in just one step.


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